One of my favourite ghost stories – the Uniondale Ghost

One of the most interesting ghost stories features a ghost near the town of Uniondale in South Africa. The story tells of a phantom hitch hiker, which seems pretty mundane on the surface, but this is no mundane story!

At Easter in 1968, a young couple were driving along the road near Uniondale. They had just become engaged, and were going to tell their families the news. The girl was asleep on the back seat of the car while her boyfriend was driving. The weather was bad, and in the storms the boyfriend lost control of the car and they crashed. The girl was killed.

The first known sighting of the ghost was Easter 1976.  The ghost has been known to enter cars and then suddenly leave and once hitched a ride on a motorbike, leaving the bike suddenly and disappearing. The phantom hitch hiker has been identified as the girl who was killed when the car crashed in 1968.

Below you can see a televised account of the story which featured on a British series called “Strange but True“.

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